MAC 1106 – College Algebra/PreCalculus
Course Syllabus
St. Petersburg College – Independent Study
Spring 2010

5 college math credits


Students are responsible for finding an alternate means to complete the
required course work should they experience hardware or software failure.
Attendance will be tied to the completion of lessons, tests, and exams
according to the Class Schedule document.

Professor Information
   Ms. Sharon L. Morrison, M.Ed
   Clearwater Campus, NM 132
   Office phone:  727-791-2564
   College email:

Course Introduction
This course is taught online using the Larson/Hostetler Precalculus text, 7th edition, and an online support site called WebAssign.  You are expected to follow the sequence of lessons and tests within each Unit of Study outlined here in the ANGEL course site and in the WebAssign curriculum site.  Adhere to the Class Schedule document located in the Course Documents folder in completing the lessons and assigned homework in WebAssign, and tests and exams in ANGEL.   Be sure not to fall behind this schedule as it is difficult to catch up; however, you are encouraged to work ahead whenever possible. You are expected to invest 9 - 12 hours of study weekly to be successful in this course.  There are deadlines established to assist you in completing this course in a timely manner. 

Guide to Online Learning Success
Take a few minutes to verify that distance learning is really what you are looking for by following this link to eCampus:  Be sure to check out whether this is the best learning environment for you.

Course Description
Prerequisite: MAT 1033 or appropriate score on the SPC mathematics placement test. This course covers major topics to include: function and relations including domain and range, operations on functions, and inverse functions; polynomial, rational and other algebraic functions, their properties and graphs, polynomial, absolute value, and rational equations and inequalities; exponential and logarithmic functions, their properties and graphs; solving systems of equations and inequalities, matrices, and determinants; piecewise-defined functions; conic sections; sequences and series; applications such as curve fitting, modeling, optimization, and exponential and logarithmic growth and decay; mathematical induction; binomial theorem and applications. Credit is not given for both MAC 1106 and either MAC 1105 or 1140. 77 contact hours.

Computer Requirements:
Check here to be sure that your computer meets the requirements for running this course.  As an online student, it is your responsibility to verify that you have an adequately functioning computer either at home or on campus that you can use to complete the requirements of this course at all times.

            SPC  technical support:  727-341-5347 or by email at

WebAssign  technical support:  1-800-732-3223  or at

Required Course Materials: 
Course materials may be purchased in one of SPC's bookstores or the online bookstore. The online bookstore is the best way to purchase your course materials.  

Two options to purchase the required course materials:

·         Print textbook (hardback) with WebAssign access:
Precalculus, 7th edition by Larson/Hostetler (ISBN:  1439044570), which includes the WebAssign site access key.   This option works well for students who choose to carry a book and study where there may be limited computer access.

·         eBook textbook (online pdf document):
If you choose to purchase access to the WebAssign curriculum site only, you will need (ISBN:  0538738103).   That site contains a complete printable version of the textbook pages and works well for those who are comfortable not carrying a book to study as they may work primarily on the computer.

Reminder:  Students are responsible for finding an alternate means to complete the required course work should they experience hardware or software failure.  Class attendance will be tied to the completion of required lessons, tests, and exams according to the Class Schedule document.

Calculator Usage
The recommended graphing calculator for this course and future courses is the TI-83+ or the TI-84.  Neither the TI-89 nor the TI-92 is allowed to be used when taking the Midterm Exam or the Final Exam.  There is also a simple graphing utility available online in the Resources for Success folder.  Additionally, there is a tutorial available in that same folder for using various types of graphing calculators.   These tools may be used on all tests, but do not replace the necessary steps to be demonstrated as you gain ownership of the course content.  The Midterm Exam and Final Exam questions are created in such a way as to require skills and mathematical thinking beyond the calculator usage.

Attendance Policy
SPC requires online instructors to monitor student attendance/participation in educational activities on a weekly basis.  Students are required to participate in their online course each week as verified by activity within the ANGEL course site, such as a discussion board posting, submission of an assignment, messaging your instructor, chat, and completion of polls, quizzes or tests.

Although this online course does not involve regular on-campus class meetings, it is expected that you will access course content and communicate with the class on a regular basis. In this course, you must stay on task with the completion of assigned homework in
WebAssign and/or assigned tests or exams.  This is critically important for you to remain active in this course and is your full responsibility.  Just like on campus, Instructors will verify that students are in attendance at least once each week during the first two weeks of class.  Students classified as “No Show” for both of the first two weeks of class will be administratively withdrawn with a grade of W.

Immediately following the 60% point of the term, each instructor will verify which students are actively participating in class.  Students classified as not meeting the criteria for active class participation will be administratively withdrawn with a “WF”.  Active class participation for this class is defined as being "on schedule" according to the Class Schedule document.   If a student is not "on schedule" by completing at least 2 of the first 3 required home works in WebAssign, taking at least 2 of the first 3 Unit Tests in ANGEL, and completing the proctored (supervised) Midterm Exam by March 20, 2010, he/she will be classified as not actively participating and will be administratively withdrawn with a grade of WF.  Students will be able to withdraw themselves at any time during the term; however, requests submitted after the 60% deadline will result in a WF.  Students and instructors will automatically receive an e-mail notification to their SPC email whenever a withdrawal occurs.

The last day to withdraw from this course with a grade of W is March 24, 2010.

There is an
online withdrawal form available on the eCampus site if you should find that circumstances require you to withdraw by March 24.

College Calendar
For a look at the college wide calendar, including dates the college is closed, follow this link.  Any student who has not requested and been granted a withdrawal by that last day to withdraw will receive a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F, or WF) that reflects his/her work in the course.  It is your responsibility to keep track of the last withdrawal date and assess your progress by that point in time so that you can responsibly withdraw.  The instructor will not do that for you.  No W, X, or I grades will be given after the last day to withdraw has passed unless this is your 3rd attempt at completing this course. Then you must receive an F if you do not complete all course requirements.

Class Schedule
Students are responsible for following the class schedule in the document entitled
Class Schedule which is located in the Course Documents folder.  It is a good idea to print the schedule so that you can be apprised of the sequence in which to study the lessons in WebAssign, the deadline dates for online Unit tests in ANGEL, and the deadline dates for the Midterm and Final exams.  

All communication with the instructor should be accomplished under the Communication tab here in the ANGEL course site as ANGEL keeps an accurate record of all communication..

    ANGEL Course site email  Use the email system embedded in ANGEL to communicate with the instructor regarding overall course information and requirements.  You are expected to check your email at least three times per week for announcements and updates.  It is my pledge to check course emails at least once daily M - R, and at least once on weekends, surely within 48 hours. 

    ANGEL Discussion Board From time to time there will be other postings in addition to the weekly instructor-initiated attendance postings and the weekly student-input question postings that you are expected to reply to with the requested feedback.  This is also a wonderful way to start a study group or help session.

Extra Help
I am available for questions and assistance in my office on the Clearwater Campus of SPC.  My location on Clearwater is in the NM building room 132.  Feel free to call (727-791-2564) and/or email me at any time keeping in mind that I am a full time instructor with face-to-face classes and am not online 24/7.  All phone messages are routed to my college email and will be returned the next time I am in my office which is generally Mon. - Thurs.  Free tutoring is available for all SPC students in the Learning Support Centers on every campus.  Additionally, in registering in EduSpace, you have free access to tutoring and to live tutors within Smarthinking.  Be sure to register for that access when you first log in to EduSpace.

Units of Study
The course curriculum has been organized into six (6) Units of Study within the ANGEL course site and the WebAssign curriculum site.  Each Unit folder in ANGEL contains supplemental resources, if necessary, and minimal textbook assignments.  Additionally, each Unit test and test review is within the respective folder.  And, there are links to videos of an instructor teaching the lesson and demonstrating the processes needed for the current concepts being studied.  Within the Units of Study folder, only Unit 1 and Unit 2 folders are available at first.  As you take Unit tests and complete your study, the other unit folders will automatically become accessible.  Be sure to follow the required Class Schedule in order to keep up with the material and to complete the assigned homework, tests and exams in a timely fashion.  Each Unit folder in WebAssign contains all additional learning tools necessary to pass this course -- a complete e-book, student solution manual, practice homework problems, and assigned homework (due dates are required).

WebAssign Homework (15%)
Required homework is assigned for each Unit of Study (six units) and are to be completed online within the course curriculum site, WebAssign. To access the homework, you will need to logon to WebAssign and register using the authorization passkey and the course code provided by the instructor located in the Getting Started document in this ANGEL course site.

It is recommended you complete the practice homework problems online within WebAssign before attempting the required homework in WebAssign.  The homework each have a due date according to the Class Schedule and must be completed prior to taking the respective Unit test.  Any homework not completed by the due date will be scored and a grade of zero (0) will be assigned.  The instructor will average your highest 5 scores out of the 6 assignments as 20% of your final course grade.  Due to some technical incompatibilities, your homework grades are not automatically imported into this ANGEL, so the instructor will manually input each assignment once the deadline due date has passed.

Online Test Reviews in ANGEL (5%)
You will be taking 6 Unit Tests in ANGEL according to the Class Schedule document.  Each Unit test has a due date and a review, both of which can be found in the respective Unit folder.  You may use any student reference materials available to you in completing these test reviews.  And, you will want to take the review test many times to ensure learning, including using them as supplementary reviews for the Midterm and Final Exams.  Redo the reviews throughout the course of the semester as your highest grade will average in as 5% of your final course grade.  You will be expected to pass each Unit Test Review with a minimum grade of 60% before that respective Unit Test becomes available.  This activity has made a dramatic positive change in both the grades on tests and attitudes of students.

Online Tests in ANGEL (20%)
You will be taking 6 timed (90-minutes) Unit Tests in ANGEL according to the Class Schedule document.  It is your responsibility to be apprised of the available dates and deadlines for those tests by following the Class Schedule document. You may not use your book nor your notes during the tests. The average of your 5 highest Unit tests accounts for 20% of your final course grade. If you should miss the deadline for one of the Unit tests, keep in mind your lowest single test grade will be dropped.  Neither the Midterm Exam nor the Final Exam can be missed!

Cumulative Midterm Exam (30%) -- Proctored (supervised) exam
Required homework in WebAssign must be caught up to date and at least 2 of the first 3 Unit tests must be completed before you will have permission and accessibility to take the proctored Midterm Exam.  If you have missed one of the first 3 online tests, then by this point in time you have been in contact with the instructor and are aware of the policy of missing a test. You may not use your book nor notes on the Midterm.  This is a timed exam (2 hours), and must be taken by the deadline stated in the Class Schedule document.  Pinellas County residents are expected to take the exam in the testing center on one of SPC’s 4 major campuses.  Non-Pinellas county residents are expected to make arrangements to take the exam at an educational environment in your area where a supervisor is present.  It is your responsibility to follow the proper procedures in securing a proctor and to give ample time for the exam pass code information to arrive there.  A grade of zero (0) will be assigned any student who has not taken the Midterm Exam by the stated due date and that student will be administratively withdrawn with a grade of WF for lack of participation by failing to stay on task.  A good way to prepare is to complete the problems on the Review Test in the Proctored Midterm Exam folder several times even though you are not required to pass the review before taking the Midterm.  The Midterm is averaged in as 30% of your course grade. The Midterm Exam must be taken on or before March 20, 2010, as soon as you have completed all the required course work. The Midterm Exam cannot be missed.  If you do not meet the deadline, you will be encouraged to withdraw or you will be administratively withdrawn from the course and you will not be able to continue.  Remember that the Midterm Exam folder will not be available to you until you have taken Unit Test 3, so plan accordingly.  If you finish your work early and would like to take the Exam earlier than the scheduled deadline, get in touch with me and I will alert the Campus Testing Center.

Cumulative Final Exam (30%) -- Proctored (supervised) exam
Only if the Midterm Exam, at least 5 of the 6 WebAssign required home works, and at least 5 of the 6 Unit Tests are completed will you be allowed to take the proctored Final Exam.  For all students, the cumulative Final Exam must be taken by the scheduled date according to the Class Schedule.  This exam is also a timed exam (2 hours) given in one of SPC's Campus Testing Centers (Pinellas County students), or proctored in an educational environment in your area.  It is your responsibility to follow the proper procedures in securing a proctor and to give ample time for the exam pass code information to arrive there.   A good way to prepare for the Final Exam is to complete the problems on the Practice Tests in the Final Exam folder and to pass the Final Exam Review.  Remember, the Final Exam folder will not be available until you have taken Unit Test 5, so plan accordingly. The Final is averaged in as 30% of your course grade.  The Final Exam must be taken on or before May 1, 2010, as soon as you have completed all the required course work If you finish your work early and would like to take the Exam earlier than the scheduled deadline, get in touch with me and I will alert the Campus Testing Center.

Grading Policy
Final grades will be based on the following:     

Assigned Homework


Test Reviews


Unit Tests


Midterm Exam


Final Exam


Academic Department
Sharon Griggs
   Office Location:  SPG SA-215B
   Office Number:  727-341-4305

   Academic Chair:  Jimmy Chang
   Office Location:  CL NM 120
   Office Number:  727-791-2542

Repeat Course Policy
For clarification regarding state policy resulting in the 3rd attempt rule, be sure to check out this link (  

Academic Honesty
Each student at SPC is required to subscribe to the Guidelines upon registration each semester by signing the following pledge which is contained on the Registration and Drop/Add Form: "I understand that SPC expects its students to be honest in all of their academic work. I agree to adhere to this commitment to academic honesty and understand that my failure to comply with this commitment may result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the college." A copy of this form can be obtained at the Office of the Registrar. Noncompliance will almost certainly result in a grade of "F" being assigned as the course grade. Please consult your Student Handbook and the College Catalog for further information concerning academic honesty. There is an online summary at

Federal Guidelines related to Financial Aid and Total Withdrawal from SPC
The US Department of Education has implemented rules for students who obtain a Pell Grant, Stafford Loan and/or Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant and subsequently totally withdraw from the college. The rule requires you to refund to the Department of Education a portion of your financial aid if you completely withdraw from St. Petersburg College prior to the 60% point in the semester. You also may be required to repay funds to the college. Should you consider totally withdrawing from all classes before this date, it is important that you consult the Scholarships and Student Financial Assistance office on your home campus to understand your options and the consequences of total withdrawal.

Counseling Information
At all times, students may visit the SPC Counseling/Advising area ( on a first come/first served basis. Appointments may be scheduled during non-peak registration times. As a reminder, students who are near completion of their degree requirements need to APPLY for graduation at the start of their last semester. Visit the Counseling/Advising area on your home campus for complete academic planning and transfer information.

Disability Statement
If you wish to receive special accommodations as a student with a documented disability, please make an appointment with the Learning Support Specialist on any SPC campus.   If you have a documented hearing loss, please contact the Program for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing.  OSSD students are responsible for making their own arrangements for test taking.

Learning Specialist




Linda Giar

(727) 394-6234

(727) 394-6289

Seminole Campus and eCampus

Gene Oskamp

(727) 341-4316

(727) 341-4758

Allstate Center, SPC Downtown, Midtown and Gibbs campuses

Barbara Thompson


(727) 712-5789

Tarpon Springs

Stefanie Silvers

(727) 341-3721

(727) 341-3721

Health Education Center

Aimee Stubbs

(727) 791-2710 TTY

(727) 791-2628 TTY

Clearwater Campus and EpiCenter

Emergency Preparedness
In the event that a hurricane or other natural disaster causes significant damage to SPC facilities, you may be provided the opportunity to complete your course work online. Following the event, please visit the college web site for an announcement of the College's plan to resume operations. Log into ANGEL to confirm that you have access, reporting any difficulty to the SPC Student Technical Call Center at 727-341-4357 or via email at

FDLE Statement
Federal and state law requires a person designated as a "sexual predator or offender" to register with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).  The FDLE then is required to notify the local law enforcement agency where the registrant resides, attends or is employed by an institution of higher learning.  Information regarding sexual predators or offenders attending or employed by an institution of higher learning may be obtained from the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction for the particular campus, by calling the FDLE hotline 1-888-FL-Predator (1-888-357-7332), or by visiting the FDLE website at  If there are questions or concerns regarding personal safety, please contact the provost, associate provost, Campus Security Officer or Site Administrator on any SPC campus. 

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