MGF 1106 

MATHEMATICS FOR liberal arts I

Fall 2010



Instructor     Suzie Pickle                                        

E-MAIL                  Please use Angel email. If Angel is down then use


Office                  NM 125                                                 PHONE        791-2426

Office hours  Posted on office door and on Angel

TextBOOK          Math in our world by Sobecki 2nd edition    

ISBN                          9780077453503

DEPARTMENT CHAIR: Jimmy Chang, NM 120 (Clearwater), 791-2542

DEAN OF MATHEMATICS: Sharon Griggs, SA 215B (SP/Gibbs), 341-4305

Prerequisite      MAT 1033 or an appropriate score on the mathematics placement



Course Description

This course will include topics related to mathematical logic, sets and systematic counting, probability, statistics and geometry.  History of mathematics, critical thinking skills, problem solving and appropriate use of technology will be incorporated throughout the course.  This course is designed to satisfy three credits of the Gordon Rule which requires “six semester hours of mathematics coursework at the level of College Algebra or higher,” but is not a prerequisite to any other mathematics course.



1.      The student will demonstrate an understanding of mathematical logic.

2.      The student will demonstrate an understanding of sets and systematic counting.

3.      The student will demonstrate knowledge of basic concepts in probability.

4.      The student will demonstrate knowledge of statistics.

5.      The student will demonstrate knowledge of informal geometric concepts.


Attendance Policy:

Students are required to attend class regularly and on time.  Attendance will be recorded at the start of each period.  Late arriving students are responsible for signing in at the end of the class to avoid being counted absent.  Except in an emergency, a student who needs to leave early should notify the instructor at the beginning of the period.  When absent, it is the student’s responsibility to learn what was missed (assignments, handouts, due dates, etc).  Students missing class are strongly encouraged to contact the instructor promptly to avoid an unexcused absence.  Documentation will be required in order to excuse an absence.  Students who do not attend during the first two weeks of classes will automatically be withdrawn from the course by the college and will still be responsible for the tuition fees.  


Withdrawal Procedure:

Since January 2008, instructors can no longer withdraw students from classes. If a student wishes to withdraw from a course, it is the responsibility of the student to withdraw either online through MySPC or with the help of an advisor in the registration office.  If the withdrawal is completed by the self-withdrawal date, a grade of “W” will be recorded which does not impact the student’s GPA.  If the withdrawal occurs after the self-withdrawal date, the student will receive a grade of WF (withdraw-failing). The WF grade is punitive; it has the same impact on the GPA as an F. Students in the third attempt of a course who withdraw will receive a WF regardless of the date of withdrawal. Students who do not attend during the first two weeks of classes will automatically be withdrawn from the course by the college and will still be responsible for the tuition and fees.  Also, students who do not show sufficient active participation (i.e. completion of tests and quizzes and regular attendance) in the course by the self-withdrawal date, will be administratively withdrawn by the college and receive a WF. Students who withdraw from all classes may be required to repay some or all of the financial aid received for the term.  Should you consider totally withdrawing from all classes before the self-withdrawal date it is important that you consult the Scholarships & Student Financial Assistance office on your home campus to understand your options and the consequences of total withdrawal



Several tests will be given throughout the semester.  The lowest test score or a missed test will be dropped. Make-up tests will be given if prior arrangements have been made before the test date.  At the end of the semester there will be a mandatory comprehensive final examination covering all the topics in this course.



Assigned problems will not be collected, but are a good way to prepare for daily quizzes and for the tests.



Several quizzes will be given throughout the semester and one quiz grade will be dropped.



The use of a scientific or graphic calculator is expected and encouraged.



Your final grade will be comprised of your test scores 60%, your quizzes 10% and your final exam 30%.  The grading scale is as follows:   

90 – 100%             A

80 –   89%             B

70 –   79%             C

60 –   69%             D

Below 60              F

                                    Keep track of all your points throughout the semester. 

                                    Last Day to Self-withdraw with a “W” is October 28, 2010


Disability Statement:

If you wish to receive special accommodations as a student with a documented disability, please make an appointment with the Learning Support Specialist, SS 104, 791-2710.  If you have a documented hearing loss, please contact the Program for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, SS 101, 791-2628 (V/TDD).  If you will need assistance during an emergency classroom evacuation, please contact your campus Learning Specialist immediately about arrangements for your safety.  (Offices of Services for Students with Disabilities 791-2628 or 791-2710.)






Information on Sexual Predators on Campus

Federal and State law requires a person designated as a “sexual predator or offender” to register with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).  The FDLE then is required to notify the local law enforcement agency where the registrant resides, attends or is employed by an institution of higher learning.  Information regarding sexual predators or offenders attending or employed by an institution of higher learning may be obtained from the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction for the particular campus, by calling the FDLE hotline (1-888-FL-PREDATOR) or (1-888-357-7332), or by visiting the FDLE website at  If there are questions or concerns regarding personal safety, please contact the Provost, Associate Provost, Campus Security Office or Site Administrator on your campus.



See me during office hours.  Also, there is no charge for additional help with your homework and studying for tests at the Learning Support Center in the LA building.




September 6             Labor Day Holiday

October 26                 Faculty Development Holiday

November 11            Veteran’s Day Holiday        

November 24-28       Thanksgiving Break

October 28                           Last Day to Self Withdraw with a “W” 

December 13 - 16                         Finals Week



Sample Final at






In the event that topics listed in this addendum also appear in your syllabus, please note that you should rely on the addendum information as this information is the most current. The syllabus addendum can be found on the website: